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Your Money Friend (YMF) advises and arranges Powers of Attorney, Wills and Trusts,  and pre-funded Funeral Plans in the comfort of your own home in Oxfordshire.


Lasting Powers of Attorney allows you to give power to nominated attorneys to manage your affairs in the event that you being unable to do so. 

Having a valid Will provides information to your Executors in regard to the distribution of your Estate after death. Wills can also ensure your chosen Guardians are appointed to look after minor children.

Significant Estate Protection strategies can be included in Wills and Will Trusts to help avoid the payment of unnecessary tax from your Estate.

Setting up a pre-funded Funeral Plan overcomes the rising costs of funeral director's fees, sets out your chosen format for the funeral iteslf and removes the need for those you leave behind to make these difficult and challenging decisions at a very difficult time.

Funeral Plans can be arranged online by visiting or Your Money Friend can visit you, by appointment, in the comfort of your own home to help you protect the future interests of you and your family by having the correct legal instruments in place throughout life.  





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